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Classroom Sessions

Attend lectures by research engineers to learn about the history and science behind Microwave Assisted Sterilization and Pasteurization.  Industry professionals will also showcase commercialization and regulatory aspects of the technology.  Additionally, topics such as microbial validation, recipe development, and packaging considerations will be discussed.

Boot Camp Classroom Session

New Technology

Microwave-based Sterilization and Pasteurization research has been underway for over 20 years, however a large push towards commercialization has just recently begun.  Washington State University in the only location in the world that houses both MATS and MAPS pilot-scale machines.  During the Boot Camp you will have the opportunity to interact and observe the machines during operation.

Boot Camp Tour

Product Development

The unique format of the Boot Camp allows ample time for team-based product development.  Both Sterilized and Pasteurized products will be tested and refined on-site in Washington State University’s pilot-scale MATS and MAPS Machines.  Once complete, you will have the opportunity to discuss and taste-test samples with other participants.

Boot Camp Food Preparation


Washington State University Microwave Technology Boot Camps have hosted attendees from multiple companies all across the United States, as well as abroad.  The diverse range of attendees from food company to regulatory bodies sparks valuable conversations of the technology.  Research Engineers that have worked with the technology for over 20 years will also be in attendance to answer questions and explain fundamental concepts.

Boot Camp Discussions