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Robotics and Automation Lab Haptic glove with servo motors

Haptic glove with servo motors

This research explored design of a force feedback glove with a new finger mechanism. The mechanism enabled application of distributed forces at the bottom surface of the fingers while reducing the number of actuators. Most glove designs available in the literature apply a reaction force only to the fingertips. The glove enables grasping virtual objects in virtual environments.


The glove uses three DC servomotors, custom designed force sensors and circuits to control cable tension. In this design, the motors and the force sensors were mounted on another base plate as an upper arm attachment. This allowed separating the finger mechanisms and the actuators to decrease the fatigue on the user’s hand due to the weight of the glove and to increase the mobility. Motor encoders are used to obtain the displacement of the cable.This glove can apply 15 N continuous force at the fingertips.




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