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Systems-on-Chip Lab Optimization of High-Speed Data Converters

Optimization of High-Speed Data Converters

Frequency-interleaved ADC

This research effort is focused on wideband data converters to support the need for ultra broadband next-generation millimeter-wave based 5G and beyond-5G communication applications. Our research direction is to significantly enhance the energy-efficiencies of the data converters while reaching to higher sampling frequencies. The research outcome will advance the state-of-the-art of basic theory and practical design strategies for emerging mmW wireless networks, but also act as a catalyst for cross-disciplinary design and analysis of wireless networks in industry and academia to meet the growing data needs and requirements of emerging applications such as imaging, radar, and future wireless applications.

Publications: TCAS-1’16 (WSU), JSSC’12, RFIC’11 (pre-WSU).