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Systems-on-Chip Lab VISORS: Inter-Satellite Communication CrossLinks for Cubesats

VISORS: Inter-Satellite Communication CrossLinks for Cubesats

Wide field-of-view CrossLinks for CubeSats

Project Description

The VIrtual Super-resolution Optics with Reconfigurable Swarms (VISORS) mission will reveal, for the first time, individual energy-release sites in the solar corona to test theories of coronal heating. VISORS will address this major outstanding science question by demonstrating a novel and scalable imaging technology with unprecedented resolution using diffractive optics, inter-satellite crosslinks, and CubeSat precision formation flying.  WSU will be working closely with a team of researchers from different universities across US to achieve high data-rate directional intersatellite cross-links using Ka-band phased-arrays for next-generation cube-sat arrays.


This project is supported by National Science Foundation award (#1936521) and Joint Center for Aerospace Technology Innovation Award (JCATI).

  • Subhanshu Gupta, Washington State University (WSU Principal Investigator)
  • Chung-Ching Lin, Ph.D., Washington State University (current)
  • Erfan Ghaderi, Ph.D., Washington State University (graduated Summer’20)
  • Yuling Liu, M.S., Washington State University (graduate Summer’21)


Research Activities

Goal 1: Development of a antenna array satellite XLINK at mmWave frequencies with low SWaP for Cubesats.

Goal 2: Beam tracking and beam acquisition for a network of cubesats.

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