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Systems-on-Chip Lab Teaching



Fall 2015: EE311, EE476/576
Spring 2016: EE596
Fall 2016: EE476/576
Spring 2017: EE596
Fall 2017: EE311, EE476/576
Spring 2018: EE596
Fall 2018: EE476/576
Spring 2019: EE311, EE476/576

EE 311 Electronic Circuits: Fundamental device characteristics including diodes, MOSFETs and bipolar transistors; small- and large-signal characteristics and design of linear circuits.

EE 476/576 Analog Integrated Circuits: Analysis and design of linear integrated circuits in modern CMOS and BJT technology; current mirrors, gain stages, operational amplifiers – single-stage and two-stage, reference generation circuits, frequency response, and compensation. This is an elective in the microelectronics track.

EE 596 Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits: CMOS and BiCMOS technologies; MOS operational amplifiers, A/D and D/A converters, switched-capacitor filters, current-mode analog circuits, switched-current techniques.