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Tissue Imaging & Proteomics Lab TIPL


Tissue Imaging and Proteomics Laboratory (TIPL)

is a metabolomics and proteomics facility which applies our mass spec technologies to significant biological problems. We focus on the development, advancement, and application of leading-edge instrumental techniques for the large-scale profiling and identification of the functional products of gene expression, namely proteins and metabolites. Profiling large numbers of proteins and large numbers of metabolites provides a high resolution view of the biochemical phenotype. Comparative profiling provides detailed quantitative and qualitative data that are highly valuable in gene validation, gene discovery, mechanistic insights, and a better understanding of the cellular response of an organism to external stimuli. Correlation of the expression profiles with genetic information also provides a unique way of understanding gene function and the interrelationships between genes.

We are developing and applying mass spectrometry imaging techniques to understand metabolic processes within all types of organisms, from animals to plants to microbes, down to the cellular and eventually the subcellular level with high-spatial resolution. And our proteomic services include protein identification and protein quantification from a wide variety of sample types from simple mixtures to complex mixtures, as well as identification of post-translational modifications of proteins.


To reach us, contact Dr. Jing Wang:



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