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Tissue Imaging, Metabolomics and Proteomics Laboratory TIMPL

Sample Costs and Fees


New prices implemented from June 2020! Please contact us for details.

Dodge Baluya

Jing Wang


Proteomics Experiments (Sample Prep, Labor and Supplies) $ per Sample
Number of Samples3 hour run (Long)2 hour run (Short)
Mass Spectrometry Imaging Experiments
Instrument time (per hour plus setup time)SolariX FTICRUltrafleXtreme TOF
3 hour imaging experiment$192$136
11 hour imaging experiment $576$408
44 hour imaging experiment$2,160$1,530
Sample prep for IMS experiment will vary, depending on exactly what is required, but will typically involve sectioning on the Cryostat, transfer of sections to MALDI slide, spraying with matrix in HTX TM Sprayer. Typical cost for a whole slide is indicated here, materials only (no labor). $152$152
Instrument time (additional hour)$24$17