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Tissue Imaging, Metabolomics and Proteomics Laboratory Sample Submission

Sample Submission

Submitting samples to TIMPL

  1. Email Prof. Gang ( and/or Dr. Baluya ( if you are planning to submit samples to or starting a research collaboration with TIMPL.
  2. TIMPL will arrange a meeting with potential client to understand the nature of the research, introduce the instrument capabilities, and discuss sample preparation for analytical compatibility.
  3. The client need to fill out the Sample Submission Form and send it back via email.
  4. Client submits samples to VBR 120.

Fill out the Sample Submission Form

It is important to include budget/project # and choose the Funding Source from the drop-down list (A-federal, B-non federal, or C-external/commercial Source).

Click the link to download the sample submission form

Sample Submission Form

Example form: