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Tissue Imaging, Metabolomics and Proteomics Laboratory Sample Submission

Service Requests / Submission

Submitting samples to TIMPL Workflow

STEP 1: Email Prof. Gang ( and/or Dr. Berim ( if you are planning to submit samples to or starting a research collaboration with TIMPL.

STEP 2: TIMPL will arrange a meeting with potential client to understand the nature of the research, introduce the instrument capabilities, and discuss sample preparation for analytical compatibility.

STEP 3: The client need to signup at (unique registration link will be provided by TIMPL) and register and submit a service request the TIMPL Portal. Please attach the filled Sample Submission Form to the related service request.

STEP 4: Client submits samples to PSB 119.

STEP 5: After a predetermined completion turnaround time (typically a week per sample), client receives an analysis report and raw data if desired. We offer free assistance if re-analysis is needed, however we reserve the right to compensate for labor hours if the request is time-intensive. Copies of the raw data will only be stored in archive for 2 years.

Filling out the Sample Submission Form

It is important to include budget/project # (For WSU, please use the new WorkDay budget numbers issued for your accounts), and choose the Funding Source from the drop-down list (A-federal, B-non federal, or C-external/commercial Source). Nonfederal grants is applied with an 8.7% Fee for WSU filing and administration.

Click the link to download the sample submission form.

LINK—>  Sample Submission Form

Example form: