Arjun Upadhaya

Arjun Upadhaya hails from Chitwan district of Nepal, 100 miles Southwest from the capital, Kathmandu. He completed his M.S. in plant pathology from North Dakota State University. Arjun joined the PhD program in the Fall of 2018 and has been working on stem rust disease of barley and wheat. His work on barley host involves a) identification of better sources of resistances against local virulent population to help develop resistant barley cultivars through introgression, and b) mapping of resistance locus on barley chromosome to help develop closely linked markers for efficient selection of breeding materials. On the pathogen side, he is trying to understand the evolutionary mechanism of virulence gain or loss in the PNW pathogen population utilizing genomics, phenomics, and bioinformatics. Arjun believes that the output of his research works, both basic and applied, can be translated to farm/field for the development of improved malt/feed/food barley cultivars with resistance to stem rust disease in the PNW region.


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