Malt Analysis

Malt Quality Testing Services

The testing lab provides convenient, reliable and affordable malt quality testing services to support craft maltsters. Having access to malt quality analysis provides the following benefits:

  • Ability to fully characterize quality specifications of malt products to aid in communication
    and marketing to brewing customers
  • Ability to monitor production process to improve product consistency
  • Ability to identify quality deficiencies in malted products and make improvements where necessary
  • Validate in-house testing procedures
PackageTests IncludedMalt TypePrice/Sample
Full Malt AnalysisBasic Malt Analysis plus Assortment, Course Extract, Fine/Course Difference, Soluble Protein, Soluble/TotalBase$150
Basic Malt AnalysisMoisture, Friability, Fine Extract, β-glucan, FAN, DP, α-amylase, Color, Filtration TimeBase$100
Enzymes OnlyDiastatic Power & α-amylaseAll (Except Adjunct, Caramel and Roasted)$50
Specialty Malt AnalysisMoisture, Extract, ColorSpecialty (SRM 20+ including High Dried, Caramel and Roasted)$50

Please reach out to reach out to us before submitting samples. Please contact Bob Brueggeman (509-335-3644) and Korie Klein for more information.

All testing is conducted using official methods of the American Society of Brewing Chemists. Additional discounts and subscription based pricing is available for large annual sample volumes.