Shaun Clare

Shaun is from the United Kingdom and has worked in barley research since 2015 having completed his MSc at the John Innes Centre/University of East Anglia/The Sainsbury Lab. He completed his PhD in Spring 2022 under Bob Brueggeman working on both barley and a pathogen that causes the barley disease known as spot form net blotch. After his PhD he ventured off to Oregon to develop his skills in clonal crops such as hops, raspberries and blueberries before returning to the lab in June 2023.

His main skills lie in bioinformatics that aides in marker development, mapping and gene validation to accelerate the breeding program. His research projects iaim to decipher complex genetic phenomena that include identifying a gene that results in extreme susceptibility in first generation seed and resistance/suspectbility gene cluster progeny lines from two resistant lines to be highly susceptible. Understanding these mechanisms will help us breed barley varieties that are more resistant to pests without the use of pesticides.


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