Grain Analysis

Grain Quality Testing Services

Barley must meet strict quality criteria to be acceptable for malt production.  Maintaining tight specifications when selecting barley for malting is necessary to ensure good final product quality and processing efficiency the malthouse and brewery.

The testing lab provides convenient, reliable and affordable barley grain quality testing services to help determine selectability for malting. Please reach out to reach out to us before submitting samples. Please contact Bob Brueggeman (509-335-3644) and Korie Klein for more information.

PackageTests IncludedPrice/Sample
Barley Selection PackageMoisture, Protein, Plumpness, Kernel Weight, Germination Energy$100
Grain Moisture & Protein ContentMoisture, Protein$15
Germination CharacteristicsGermination Energy, Capacity, & Water Sensitivity$40

All testing is conducted using official methods of the American Society of Brewing Chemists. Additional discounts and subscription based pricing is available for large annual sample volumes.