Technical Services

ServicesDescriptionTechResolutionExtentExample Projects
Watershed-scale ecological monitoringTracking changes in cover types or greenness over time with satellite imagery, with various options for tech transfer of methodsSpectral (RGB, infrared, indices)m to 30mglobalReporting for the Voluntary Stewardship Program on agricultural intersect with habitat
Erosion monitoringBank erosion monitoring (rivers and lake shores)Terrestrial Lidar Scanner, UAV-LiDAR, UAV-SfM, RTK GPS, field measurementsmm to cmkm2Bank retreat on Lake Pend Oreille
Population MonitoringIdentifying and counting individuals, including sex and lengthSpectral (RGB), Microsoft AIcmkm2Counting salmon redds (ID, WA, AK)
Topographic Mapping2.5D reconstruction of canopy or ground surface (DEM, DSM)LiDAR, SfMcmkm2Restoration evaluation on the Clark Fork River Delta
Vegetation monitoringTracking greenness, species types, density using RPV-based sensorsSpectral (RGB, near-infrared, red-edge, indices, SfM photogrammetry)cm to mkm2Mapping riparian buffers in agriculture lands of the Palouse
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