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Fremier Ecology Lab @ WSU Ecology of [Riverine] Ecosystems

Amanda Stahl

I’m a postdoctoral researcher focusing on the intersections between riparian ecology, policies related to streamside land conservation, and riparian-related ecosystem services to humans. My goal is to identify opportunities to coordinate streamside conservation efforts for a maximum return on investments by considering not only the direct benefits (e.g. enhancing fish habitat), but also the many longer-term, larger-scale benefits associated with continuously vegetated riparian corridors. I am currently exploring integrative methods of social-ecological spatial analysis to identify potential positive conservation synergies at multiple scales. Transdisciplinary approaches and collaborative efforts are essential to address the geographic discontinuity of streamside land management across social and ecological boundaries. In this realm, my work is designed to help facilitate effective communication among the relevant disciplines as well as the flow of information among researchers, decision-makers, and conservation practitioners. I welcome opportunities for collaboration with individuals or groups interested in coordinating riparian conservation efforts, building habitat connectivity across private lands, or developing new approaches to integrative social-ecological landscape mapping.

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