Lambert Ngenzi

I am majoring in Environmental Science, minoring in GIS and planning on graduating Spring semester of 2019. My interest in water resources started five years ago, when my family and I moved from Republic of Congo to Seattle, WA. It felt good to live in a place where tap water is always running. Growing up in Republic of Congo, I witnessed a lot of people lacking access to clean and safe water on daily basis. With that, I want to be part of the solution in solving this issue.

Over the past five years, my studies have focused on issues surrounding water issues. I have been looking into the accuracy of Landsat photo aerial analysis and looking at the patterns that influence reservoirs’ size in the Volta basin. In addition, I completed an intensive eight-week ecology and conservation course under the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program across California and eight-week with Audubon Naturalist Society in Washington DC.

Upon receiving my bachelor’s degree, I am looking to pursue a master’s in water resources management and eventually receive my Ph.D.

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