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Biological Systems Engineering Juming Tang, Ph.D.

International Innovation – Feeling the Heat

International Innovation | June 2016.

Microwaves are far more than the white boxes found in most domestic kitchens. Researchers from Washington State University have developed an exciting new suite of microwave-based technologies that could change the way pre-packaged food is sterilised and pasteurised, meaning greater efficiency for the manufacturers and higher-quality outcomes for the consumers [continue reading]

Source: Feeling the Heat

What foods will Mars astronauts be eating?

Federal News Radio  |  June 2016

The Army’s Combat Feeding Directorate at its Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center those are the people who bring forth Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) and other goodies. But now NASA has asked the researchers for help with sustaining people who might someday be on years-long missions to Mars. [continue reading]

Source: What foods will Mars astronauts be eating?

Fresher, safer, longer-lasting products with new pack technology

Packaging World  |  April 2016

For rigid plastic packaging supplier Plastic Technologies, Inc., understanding the needs of its customer base means looking outside its areas of expertise to understand changing market trends as well as complementary packaging equipment and materials innovations. From February 8-10 in Henderson, NV, PTI and co-producer SBA-CCI, a polyester packaging consultancy, held The Packaging Conference to share these market drivers and new technologies with the event’s more than 220 attendees that included brand owners, material and equipment suppliers, and other industry professionals. [continue reading]

Source: Fresher, safer, longer-lasting products with new pack technology

How will we Eat on Mars?

Popular Science  |  January 2011

Making a meal for your family or a group of hungry friends can be challenging enough. Now imagine trying to feed three people 250 miles above the Earth, who for months at a time will have no access to grocery stores or drive-thrus. All the menus you create have to be nutritionally balanced. The food needs to survive for months without refrigeration, and it needs to be pretty good, too–eating is one of the few comforts during an astronaut’s long-term stay on the International Space Station. [continue reading]

Source: How will we Eat on Mars?