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Congratulations Emily and Gabe!

Congratulations to our group members who were determined by the School of Mechanical & Materials Engineering to be Outstanding Undergraduates for the 2016-17 year.

Emily Allen was outstanding Junior in Mechanical Engineering

Gabriel Cocking was outstanding Sophomore in Materials Science & Engineering.

Great work!

Glass-ceramics Webinar on 3/22 featuring lecture by Dr. McCloy; companion MRS Bulletin paper

Wednesday, March 22 | 12:00-1:30 p.m. (ET)

­Hosted by Mark J. Davis, SCHOTT North America, Inc.

Glass-Ceramics—Glorious Past and Bright Future!

­Edgar Dutra Zanotto   –  Universidade Federal de São Carlos, Brazil

Glass-Ceramics for Nuclear Waste Immobilization 

John McCloy  – Washington State University


Paper (McCloy & Goel) to appear in March 2017 issue of MRS Bulletin

­McCloy, J. and A. Goel, “Glass-ceramics for nuclear-waste immobilization,” MRS Bulletin, 42(3), 233-240 (2017).

New publications online

The research group has been busy, and can count 5 new publications now online.  Congratulations team!

  1. Jamie Weaver, Chuck Soderquist, Nancy Washton, Andrew S. Lipton, Paul Gassman, Wayne Lukens, Albert A. Kruger, Nathalie Wall, and John S. McCloy, “Chemical Trends in Solid Alkali Pertechnetates,” Inorganic Chemistry, in press.
  2. Weaver,# C. Soderquist, P. Gassman, E. Walter, W. Lukens, and J.S. McCloy, “Synthesis and Characterization of 5- and 6- Coordinated Alkali Pertechnetates,” MRS Advances, in press, (2017).
  3. Marcial, M. Ahmadzadeh, J.S. McCloy, “Effect of Li, Fe, and B Addition on the Crystallization Behavior of Sodium Aluminosilicate Glasses as Analogues for Hanford High Level Waste Glasses,” MRS Advances, in press, (2016).
  4. Ke Xu, Daniel K. Schreiber, Bradley R. Johnson, John McCloy, “Effect of defects, magnetocrystalline anisotropy, and shape anisotropy on magnetic structure of iron thin films by magnetic force microscopy,” AIP Advances, 7(5), 056806 (2017).
  5. Md Taibur Rahman, Kathryn Mireles, Pui Ching Wo, José Marcial, M. R. Kessler, John McCloy, C.V. Ramana, Rahul Panat, “High Temperature Oxidation Behavior of Nichrome (NiCr) Nanoparticles,” Journal of Physical Chemistry C, in press.