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Undergraduate student awards, Spring 2024

Congratulations to the following students for new awards!

  • John Bussey, DOE-NE University Nuclear Leadership Program (UNLP) Scholarship, 2024-5
  • John Bussey, DOE-NE Innovations in Nuclear Energy Research and Development Student Competition (INSC), 2024
  • Josie Soles, outstanding Sophomore MSE student
  • Audra Totten, outstanding Junior MSE student
  • Raine Antonio, outstanding Senior MSE student

SURCA 2024

It’s sad how long it’s been since I last posted here.  Blame it on the MME Director job.  Anyway..

Congrats to Audra, Nathan, John, and Raine for their excellent posters at the 2024 WSU Showcase for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (SURCA).

SURCA 2023

Congratulations to the students that showed posters at our 2023 Showcase for Undergraduate research.

MSE Students Brooke Downing, Raine Antonio, and John Bussey representing our group with excellent posters.

John was honored with the Crimson Award at the showcase. Congratulations all!

Congratulations Dr. Bollinger, Dr. Smith-Gray, and Dr. Jesenovec!

Congratulations to our new group of PhDs from this year!

  1. Dave Bollinger “Materials Synthesis and Characterization for Waste Valorization and Nuclear Waste Containment” June 2022
  2. Natalie Smith-Gray “Analysis of Simulated Nuclear Waste Glass on Sulfur Solubility and Refractory Corrosion” June 2022
  3. Jani Jesenovec “Doping and Alloying of Monoclinic β-Ga2O3 Grown by Czochralski and Vertical Gradient Freeze” July 2022