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PACRIM/GOMD in Hawai’i

The third week of May, for group members attended along with ~1130 others the 12th PACIFIC RIM ceramics conference.  Talks given by the group were:

-Fergerstrom et al, “Glass technology and use in ancient Byzantine Turkey: color, composition, deterioration, and field identification of glass at Çadir Höyük” – poster presentation

-Weaver et al (presented by McCloy), “Biodeterioration of Ancient Glasses and Implications to the Long-term Modeling of Glass Alteration,” – poster presentation

-Ahmadzadeh et al, “Role of iron in the crystallization of nepheline-based aluminosilicates,” – oral presentation

-Marcial et al (presented by McCloy), “The effect of Li addition on the crystallization behavior of Na aluminosilicate and borosilicate glasses,” – oral presentation

-Patil et al, “Effect of Rare Earths on the solubility and crystallization of Mo in borosilicate glasses for nuclear waste immobilization,” – oral presentation


Mostafa wrote a blog about the meeting which was published by the American Ceramic Society.  “PACRIM12 with GOMD feeds attendees in mind and  body”.

Also, later in the week, John, Mostafa, and Deepak ran into each other at the Kilauea volcano on the island.

Group attends MRS meeting in Boston in Nov/Dec

John McCloy, Jose Marcial, and Deepak Patil attended the MRS Fall meeting in Boston in November/December.

Jose and John gave talks in the Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management symposium.

Jose’s talk (with Mostafa Ahmadzadeh) was entitled, “Effect of Li, Fe, and B Addition on the Crystallization Behavior of Sodium Aluminosilicate Glasses as Analogues for Hanford High Level Waste Glasses.”

John’s invited talk (with Jamie Weaver et al) was entitled, “Synthesis and Characterization of 5- and 6- Coordinated Alkali Pertechnetates.”

Society for Glass Technology Centenary Conference

Prof. McCloy and Jamie Weaver recently attended the 100th anniversary conference of the Society for Glass Technology (SGT) in Sheffield, UK.

Their talks were on glass ceramics, technetium, and ancient glasses.

Below are some pictures of Jamie presenting to a packed room of nuclear waste scientists, and to a large auditorium in a joint session of cultural heritage glass scientists and nuclear waste glass corrosion experts.  Great job Jamie!

sgt-tc        sgt-hillfort

José Marcial was selected and attended the National School on Neutron and X-ray Scattering (NXS), in July/August.  From their website:

The main purpose of the National School on Neutron and X-ray Scattering is to educate graduate students on the utilization of major neutron and x-ray facilities. Lectures, presented by researchers from academia, industry, and national laboratories, will include basic tutorials on the principles of scattering theory and the characteristics of the sources, as well as seminars on the application of scattering methods to a variety of scientific subjects. Students will conduct short experiments at Argonne’s Advanced Photon Source and Oak Ridge’s Spallation Neutron Source and High Flux Isotope Reactor facilities to provide hands-on experience for using neutron and synchrotron sources.”

Jose at NXS school

Weaver attends short course on XAFS

Jamie Weaver attended the “Advanced Topics in XAFS Data Analysis and Modeling” at Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York, November 5-7, 2015 (  This short course and interactive workshop was a chance for students and scientists to interact with experts in X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS) to share their knowledge on data analysis methods.  Here Jamie is with the workshop crew.

XAFS Photo 2015