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Congratulations Dr. Emily Nienhuis-Marcial!

Emily successfully defended her dissertation, “Structure of Glasses and Glass-Forming Liquids with Application to Nuclear Waste Vitrification.”  Since the defense format was virtual, due to our quarantine, we don’t have a picture of the group.  So instead, I’m posting a few photos of Emily from her years with the NOME group, 2016-2020.

Congrats again!


(you can see that Emily likes hats, whether in San Antonio or Paris)

You rock Emily!

PACRIM/GOMD in Hawai’i

The third week of May, for group members attended along with ~1130 others the 12th PACIFIC RIM ceramics conference.  Talks given by the group were:

-Fergerstrom et al, “Glass technology and use in ancient Byzantine Turkey: color, composition, deterioration, and field identification of glass at Çadir Höyük” – poster presentation

-Weaver et al (presented by McCloy), “Biodeterioration of Ancient Glasses and Implications to the Long-term Modeling of Glass Alteration,” – poster presentation

-Ahmadzadeh et al, “Role of iron in the crystallization of nepheline-based aluminosilicates,” – oral presentation

-Marcial et al (presented by McCloy), “The effect of Li addition on the crystallization behavior of Na aluminosilicate and borosilicate glasses,” – oral presentation

-Patil et al, “Effect of Rare Earths on the solubility and crystallization of Mo in borosilicate glasses for nuclear waste immobilization,” – oral presentation


Mostafa wrote a blog about the meeting which was published by the American Ceramic Society.  “PACRIM12 with GOMD feeds attendees in mind and  body”.

Also, later in the week, John, Mostafa, and Deepak ran into each other at the Kilauea volcano on the island.