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Research Technologist


Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Eastern Washington University

Research Interests

  • Bio/Chemoinformatics methodology and experimental design
  • Modern synthesis and analytical methods
  • Photochemistry and catalysis    


James is an Eastern Washington native, born and raised in Pullman, WA. His background is in synthetic/organic and analytical chemistry. His past research group has synthesized and characterized several libraries of novel compounds as well as described the reactivities of these compounds. James is a strong proponent of the local education institutions and the quality of the programs that they offer.


  1. Allen C., Olden A., Yates J., Wheeler K., Abbey E. (2022). Synthesis, crystal structure and Hirshfeld analysis of triphenylphosphine-(4-bromophenyl)borane. Acta Crystallographica C Structural Chemistry, C78: 681-684.
  2. Yates J., Thompson B., Korchemniy E., Rooney-Sailand B., Glasser C., Allen C., Wheeler K., Abbey E. (2022). One-Pot Synthesis of [N(PPh3)2]+Monoorganoborohydride Salts from Potassium Organotrifluoroborates Yields Unusual Crystalline Compounds for X-ray Crystallography. Organometallics, 41 (21) 2933-2941.
  3. Bateman C., Beal H., Barker J., Thompson B., Donovan D., Grant B., Shooter J., Arakawa J., Johnson S., Allen C., Yates J., Kato R., Tinsley C., Zakharov L., Abbey E. (2018) One Step Conversion of Potassium Organotrifluoroborates to Metal Organoborohydrides. Organic Letters, 20, 13, 3784-3787.


Telephone: (509) 368-6535


Office Location: Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences Building,  Room# PBS-322, Spokane, WA