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Prasad Lab

The Prasad Lab Proteomics/Metabolomics Service Center at the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Washington State University (WSU, Spokane campus), provides quantitative proteomics and metabolomics support to investigators from within and outside of the campus. The Proteomics/Metabolomics service center uses quantitative mass spectrometry as the key technology for quantitative protein characterization. The protein analysis approach involves ‘bottom-up’ targeted or untargeted (global) proteomics, where proteins are digested and proteotypic (surrogate peptides) of the original proteins are quantified. The protein identification is accomplished using state-of-the-art micro- and nano-liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS) analysis followed by database search. The metabolomics services include targeted or untargeted quantification of metabolites in human and animal biofluids.

The typical proteomics and metabolomics services provided by the service center are:

  • Targeted protein quantification: Multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) or selective reaction monitoring (SRM) proteomics for targeted analysis of proteins (including transmembrane proteins) in tissues, cells, and biofluids.
  • Untargeted global protein quantification: Label-free global proteomics analysis of proteins in tissues, cells, and biofluids.
  • Labeling based quantitative proteomics: Stable isotope labeling by amino acids in cell culture (SILAC) and tandem mass tags (TMT) quantitation
  • Characterization and quantification of posttranslational modification: Phosphoproteomics
  • Protein identification
  • Targeted metabolomics (10-100 metabolites)
  • Untargeted metabolomics (>100 metabolites)
  • Metabolite identification

Our key areas of expertise are:

  • Targeted quantification of membrane proteins
  • Quantification of drug metabolizing enzymes (DMEs), drug transporters, and drug receptor in human tissues, cells and biofluids
  • Protein biomarker discovery
  • Signaling pathway analysis and interactome analysis
  • Targeted quantification of endogenous metabolites in biological samples


  • Thermo’s Q Exactive™ HF Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap™ MS with nano-flow LC (EASY-nLC™ 1200 System)
  • Waters Xevo-TQ-XS with IonKey source and microflow LC

Contact: The Proteomics/Metabolomics service center provides services to all WSU researchers. In addition, services are offered to non-WSU researchers. For more information, please contact

Process: We first discuss feasibility, study design, and potential timelines before developing and signing a project agreement. Raw and processed data will be shared with a detailed report.